Where are you located?

Due to privacy issues we do not post exact address info nor give it out over the phone. To obtain address you must first make a reservation or contact us via telephone.
For planning purposes we are located in Astoria, NY 11105.  Just minutes from Manhattan by car or subway and close to major highways.  There is plenty of legal street parking.

What are your hours?

We are open Wednesday 9pm-3am, Fridays 1opm -4am, and Saturdays 930pm-4am.  Any other days and times will posted on the events page.

What are the prices?

Depending on the type of event and promoter it could vary from time to time.  Please check the post details on the specific date and party you wish to attend.

Do I have to make a reservation to attend?

ALL first time guests must make a reservation to attend. While we prefer members to also make a reservation they are not required to do so, as long as they pay the appropriate entrance fee and adhere to all the rules of that night.  Single male members must be accompanied with a female, at all times, at couples only events.

What is the dress code?

With the exception of theme/specialty events (toga parties, bikini/beach parties, Halloween etc), the dress code is as follows.  All clothing must be clean and neat, and guests well groomed, please understand we are attempting to create a sexy yet relaxed atmosphere for all our guests.

– NO high-top sneakers, work boots, sweats or running suits.
– NO baseball caps, bandanas, or doo-rags; if you arrive in them, they must be removed and stored in a locker. Fedoras and dress hats are allowed.
– Dress jeans or shorts are acceptable but must be cinched at waist at all times (no low hangers). If they are not kept cinched you will be asked to leave the club.
– Men: A collared shirt is preferred. Sleeveless T’s are not allowed outside of playrooms.
– Fetish-wear and lingerie is acceptable.

Caligula NY reserves the right to deny entry to anyone not following the dress code.  Anyone not adhering to these rules while in the club will be asked to leave and their admission forfeited.

How do I become a member?

You become a member and receive your membership card on your first visit to the club. The annual membership fee of $20 is added to the door charge (couples pay only $20 and receive one card).  As a courtesy, membership fee is waived for members of other recognized clubs and online swinger communities from around the world.  Some accepted memberships include SLS, SDC, Kasidie, Club Amante’s, Role Play AC, Miami Velvet FL, and Trapeze Atlanta.  Please contact us to see if your membership is accepted.

Do you offer any mixers?

Soda, water, and juice are available for no charge, ice and cups are also provided.  If there is a specific juice that you prefer (i.e. grapefruit juice), you may choose to bring your own.  Typically the following are provided by the club:

– Coke or Pepsi
– Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi
– Sprite
– Ginger Ale
– Club Soda
– Tonic
– Orange, Cranberry, and Pineapple Juice

Red Bull is available for purchase